Styling x Creative Direction: Cen Orismekusa
Photographer: Bibs Moreno
PA: Magenta Morin
Models: Davina Nguyen, Zyren Go

The two models represent two individuals who live in a society where self expression [in regards to clothing, makeup, hair styles, accessories etc] and self acceptance are learned through isolation. They aren't prone to masking their true emotions, thoughts or actions. They are observant, smart, warm and very particular in regards to; touch, smell, tastes, sound.

Their clothing is very organic in texture, material and color[handmade]. They experiment with shapes as to recreate natural phenomena, have ancient runes/mantras tattooed on them from past rights of passages and study ancestral folklore, literature and theory. YET they are still very well versed and reliant on technology

This lookbook will represent a documentation of their 5th rights of passage where they are have entered their second phase

of adulthood. They have experienced
death, mourning and abuse, learning many great lessons.
There's a sense of joy and relief as they continue to mature.

‘Aug21[featuring custom pieces by Dai]

5th Rights of Passage